More than professional 3D printer

With improved function and 40.4L maximum volume.

Simple Design

Emphasized simplicity and unique hammertone painting.

Safety Design

Equipped with clear door in the front of the printer to prevent burn risks and spreading of dust into the air. Installation of air filter in the back of the printer to remove odor and particles. Improvement of safety with the heat plate in the printing board that shows the operation status with LED.

Convenience Design

Prevention of filament twisting through the upper roof case. Reduction of vibration and noise through strong steel frame, aluminum case and front panel door.

Performance Design

Increased printing quality by maintaining constant internal temperature with the installation of the front panel door. Installation of thermometer to check internal temperature of printing board

Creation of non-toxic environment by installation of air filter that eliminates odor and particles.

Prevention of filament twisting through the upper roof case design.

 Maintenance of internal temperature through the installation of front door.

Large building volume of 40.4 litres

High resolution of 25 micron

Auto leveling / auto cleaning system

Fast printing up to 1000 mm/sec

WIFI Camera

Possible to make real-time observation through the internal WIFI camera, even on your smartphone!

Laser engraver

Engrave lifetime lasting words and images. Possible to cut in acrylic, wood etc.

Easy Software: Creator K8

Software available for Windows an Mac OS. The User Interface is easy to use. Basic printing option is provided to be able to print without detailed adjustment on filling, speed, temperature etc. Advanced options are available.

We love our 3DISON H700.
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