The 3D Bioprinter norm

The INVIVO by 3Dison is the world’s first, medical 3D bioprinter developed specifically for tissue engineering. This 3D bioprinter can print scaffold or layers of hydrogel and simultaneously fill it in with different bio inks, such as collagen and silk fibroin. The INVIVO is a breakthrough for medical research.

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  • Fully Sterile and Standalone
  • Modular Extruder System
  • Ready and installed: €35.000

3D Bioprinter with an eye for results

The ROKIT INVIVO is a versatile medical 3D printer that prints with a wide range of 3D Bio materials. It has a modular dual extruder system, which means that the INVIVO comes equipped with both: an extruder and a dispenser. Thanks to this, the INVIVO can print scaffold and simultaneously fill it in with different bio inks. the INVIVO 3D bioprinter can also work with soft tissue only by attaching both dispensers.

Temperature control

Living cells are influenced by temperature, which is why the ROKIT INVIVO medical 3D printer comes with a build in bio ink warmer. This ingenious heating system can warm up the hydrogels and bio ink up to 80° C before printing and can even save them for later purposes. The dispenser parts of the premium dual extruder system also come equipped with a hydrogel and bio ink heating system. And they can also cool the materials. The INVIVO premium is upgraded with a cooling & heating bed. With this the print bed can also be heated up to 80° C or it can be chilled to -10° C. This premium print bed has clips to secure Petri dishes.

HEPA filter and UV sterilization

The ROKIT INVIVO is a bio 3D printer made for medical purposes. To maintain a bio printable, clean bench environment within the INVIVO, this medical 3D printer has a HEPA H 14 filter (99.995≤0.3 µm D.O.P.) installed. Also a UV sterilizing device is present.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: INVIVO
  • Technique: FDM / FFF + BM INJECT
  • Display: LCD touch screen
  • Build Volume: 100mm x 100mm x 90mm
  • Print Resolution: 20 Micron (FFF) 5 micron BM INJECT
  • Print Speed: 5 – 20mm/sec
  • Filament: PLGA, PLLA, PCL, PLA, Hydrogel, Bio Ink
  • Extruder: dual extruder system (extruder & 2x dispenser): stainless steel, FDA approved extruder with 0.2mm and 0.4mm nozzles; 2x 10ml dispenser with Ø0.1, 0.05 – 0.8mm  
  • Extruder temperature: up to 80°C
  • Auto leveling: automatic
  • Printbed: non cooled/heated; can be upgrade to premium (cooled – heated; -10° – 80° C)
  • Casing: fully enclosed casing
  • Hardware: ROKIT INVIVO
  • Connectivity: wireless & wired, wifi Camera
  • Power Requirements:
  • Weight: 40 Kg

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CreatorK Software: Powerful yet easy

The 3Dison AEP comes with the easy to use Creator K software. Use this to build, design and print all your 3D projects. It is intuitive and targeted at maximizing convenience. Just a few clicks are enough to make up a blueprint, select the right settings and to print your design. Many settings come pre-installed with Creator K, so you don’t have to worry about temperatures and printing speed. Though you can select all parameters manually if you’re up for it.